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Robbins Speed Shop is dedicated in providing high quality 4 cycle racing engines that are custom built for our customers kart and quarter midget racing needs. Robbins Speed Shop offers Clone, Briggs Animal, Briggs Flathead and Honda. All racing engines are available in stock, restricted, limited modified, open and dyno tuned and tested using a Hewitt Inertia Dyno. We do not build engines on a production line, do not have shelf engines or have quantity goals. Robbins Speed Shop will only build two to three racing engines per week max. Here at RSS the 4 cycle engine building process is not rushed to ensure quality control. Our racing engines are built one at a time and RSS only has one 4 cycle engine builder which greatly increases accuracy and repeatability. Robbins Speed Shop is proud to be able to provide innovative ideas, solutions for winning and dependability. Kart racing and quarter midget racing are very competitive sports that require good equipment and good racing engines. We also offer Millenium Racing Chassis which is one of the best kart chassis on the market. Robbins Speed Shop can provide you with 4 cycle kart racing engines and millenium chassis to get the job done. Dealer inquiries are welcome.

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